Arami Sushi

This was my third trip to Arami, and I’ve loved it every time!  If you are a sushi fan I would definitely put Arami on your list of must visit restaurants.  It’s somewhat obscure location in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood could be detrimental for some restaurants, however once you get past the generic storefront on Chicago Avenue, great things await!

On my  first two visits I stuck with sushi; they have plenty of variety on the menu including traditional sashimi and maki choices.  They also have some really good special sashimi; my favorite is the Secret Hamachi.  While I love the Secret Hamachi, I think my favorite dish on the menu is the Tograshi Seared Tuna.  It has some really unusual flavors with the kelp noodles, which give it a little crunch, and the Meyer lemon dressing.

On my most recent visit, at the recommendation of a friend, I also tried the Donburi, which means Japanese rice bowl.  Our choice was the Braised Short-rib Donburi with pickled asian pear and pickled Frenso (Fresno is a type of chili pepper but it is not too spicy).  While I didn’t enjoy it as much as the sushi options, it was very good.

If you have the opportunity, I’d recommend sitting at the sushi bar and letting the sushi chef create something off-menu for you.  On my first visit he made us a tuna sashimi with avocado and truffle oil that was simply outstanding!


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