Bavette’s Bar & Bouef – A European-style Steakhouse

IMG_0359I think of this more as a winter place than a summer place however with the weather we’ve been having here in Chicago, it was a good choice for after work drinks and food.  Upstairs they have limited bar seating, so if you haven’t booked a table, you need to go early.  The downstairs parlour opens at 6pm, which provides a second option for seating without a reservation.  The atmosphere is nice and not too noisy.

The menu is mostly focused on steak and seafood, with couple of great options for chilled seafood “towers”.  The seafood is extremely fresh and perfectly prepared.  There are many traditional options as well as some unique dishes.

On this visit we had the Crab Stuffed Avocado, the baked Crab Cake and the Salmon Tartar.  All three dishes were very good; the Salmon Tartar and the Crab Stuffed Avocado were my favorites.  The crab stuffed avocado is served with Bibb lettuce and Sherry vinaigrette, and has a great, fresh flavor.

They have a decent wine list, however choices by the glass are somewhat limited.  What they do have is a great selection of unique cocktails, and similar to one of their sister restaurants, if you sit at the bar you get a good show from the bartenders making custom cocktails.


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