Ada St. – A Unique Spot in Noble Square

I had heard about this place a few times before I decided to try it, and have to say, it definitely lived up to the reputation is has developed!  I’m not sure they are really in the Noble Square neighborhood, so I’d suggest a map, or some good directions to find your way to Ada Street.

photo (4)

The menu is small plates, definitely designed for sharing.  There is a good variety, however if you are not into trying unusual food combos, you may have a difficult time with the menu.  The flavors are unique and the combinations are creative.

We ordered several plates to share.  The polenta fries where a great way to start – nice a crispy with a great chipotle dipping sauce.  My other two favorites were the Seared Octopus and the Diver Scallops.  The seafood in both was excellent and the mix of flavors were outstanding.  The menu changes seasonally; some of the main ingredients stay consistent over time, however the preparation changes.

They have a nice wine list with good variety and many options you don’t typically find.  We decided to let the bartender select a bottle of wine for us; we described what we wanted – something Chardonnay like, but not too oakey and not fruity.  He was spot-on with his choice!  Overall, the service is outstanding.

While we did not partake, the menu also includes a great selection of unique cocktails; there are definitely a few I’d like to go back and try on another visit.

Ada St. is not someplace for those on a budget – we spent nearly $100 per person, including tax and tip (no dessert), however we did have two bottles of wine!  They will let you take wine home if you pay the corkage fee, which was out intent, however it didn’t quite turn out that way!  The food and service is well worth the price.

They recently changed their policy to only take reservations between 5:30 and 6:30pm and then after that it is first come, first served.  This is a pretty small space, so I’d recommend going early unless you want to wait for a pretty long time.


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