City Winery

IMG_0379City Winery opened the in West Loop neighborhood last summer.  This is a winery, a restaurant, a bar and a music venue all combined into one unique space.  They also have a very nice patio.

I’ve been twice since they opened and while I’m a pretty big fan of their food, I have to say I’ve been a little disappointed by the wine thus far.  I would say that their wine is average; on this visit I tried the Pinot Noir Rose.  It was a nice Rose, with good flavor, but nothing I’d tell you to run out and try right away.  My friends both had the Cabernet Franc and neither one of them particularly cared for it.

This is another good spot for sharing small plates.  They have a lot of different options including some really good flatbreads and a daily crudo.

We tried three different things on this visit – the  Crudo which was tuna with avocado moose, the Mushroom Flatbread and the Dipping Flight.  Of the three, the mushroom flatbread, a combination of seasonal mushrooms and a goat cheese béchamel,  was my favorite.

IMG_0376The tuna was also very good;  the avocado mousse gave it a nice twist and the tuna was very fresh.

We debated a little bit on the hummus – the platter comes with three different types, traditional, white bean and Muhammara.  White bean hummus is one of my favorites, and while I liked the taste of this one, the texture seemed a bit off to me.  I prefer it to be more creamy than this one.  Muhammara is a red pepper hummus that also includes walnuts and breadcrumbs.  All three of  us agreed that we liked this one the best.  It had a great flavor and nice texture.

Overall, I like City Winery and will definitely go back for another visit and a more extensive sampling of their wines.



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