Fun Summer Wines

I’m always in search of great summer wines,  something that you can sip while sitting on the patio on a warm summer afternoon or evening.  I like them to be light enough to stand on their own, however have enough taste and body go with a nice grilled dinner.  I’ve already found two great options this summer!!

Sterling Vineyards Malvasia Bianca (2012) – A friend brought this bottle over on a nice sunny afternoon, and all I can say is I wish we’d had two bottles!  I think this is probably my all time favorite summertime wine! This is a pretty sweet wine, with a lot of fruit.  I’m not a fan of sweet wine, or overly fruity wine for that matter but this one is a definite exception.  It has just the right amount of sweet and fruit with a little bit of fizz!

Fizz 56 Sparkling Red Wine – I came across this bottle while grocery shopping at Mariano’s recently.  They were offering a tasting and I have to say, sparkling red wine is one of those things that I’m never sure I’m going to like.  I’ve had a few good ones, but those seem to be outweighed by the bad ones.   I took one taste of this and knew I’d be coming back for more bottles!  It’s an Italian wine from the Piedmont region; a little sweet but not over the top.  It is great for sipping on its own on a warm day, however also goes really nicely with a meal.  We had it with the pork tacos I recently posted about and I have to say it made the perfect companion.


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