Howells & Hood….A great alfresco spot on Michigan Avenue

IMG_0365This massive new restaurant in the Tribune Tower is named after the architects of the building.  I’ve been by a few times in the past month or so, and the patio is always full, even in the middle of the afternoon (granted it is usually a Friday afternoon when I’m in that area).  This time we decided to wait for a table, which only took about 10 minutes, though I have to caveat that by saying while it was a sunny day, it was only about 60 degrees at the time.  The hostess led us to a table at the very back of the patio, so I had a chance to see the entire space, which is huge.  There is an outdoor bar, and plenty of options for dining in either shade or full sun.

Overall, the food was good as was the service.  The menu is pretty varied, however definitely not the place to go if you are looking for something really healthy.  I had the BBQ Pork Sandwich, which comes with an onion ring and french fries.  Both the fries and the onion ring were great; crispy and well seasoned.  The pork was very tasty too, with what I’d consider to be just the right amount of BBQ sauce.

They have a huge selection of beer on tap, and a nice wine and cocktail list.

I think this would be a fun place for happy hour with a big group on a sunny day.  According to their website, they have a Blues brunch on Sundays, which could definitely get me to go back for a second visit!


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