Farallon – Coastal Cuisine in San Francisco

Earlier this year, on a trip to San Francisco for work I had the pleasure of dining at Farallon with my family; I grew up in the Bay Area so San Francisco is a frequent meeting spot for us.  If you are a fan of seafood, this is a place that will never disappoint.  The menu is varied and changes seasonally.  The interior of the restaurant has a very whimsical design; an underwater motif with unique glass sea creatures hanging from the hand-painted mosaic ceiling.

You can expect outstanding service from a top-notch waitstaff who will be happy to assist if you need help navigating the menu; all recommendations were spot-on.  As you may have noticed, I’m a fan of sharing food and small plates, as this means I can try more things!  My sister and I decided to create our own tasting menu, which turned out to be fantastic.

We started with Dungeness crab,which is one of my favorites.   This  version is served with lemon aioli and drawn butter, which make perfect compliments.  We then moved on to the heirloom tomato salad and the mushroom risotto.  We finished with the Diver Scallops, which were seared to perfection.

The wine list is extensive, with something for any taste either by the bottle or the glass.

This is truly fine dining and should not be missed if you are in San Francisco!







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