Lincoln….. A Great Choice in Washington DC

IMG_0440This is a another long overdue post (you’ll see a theme here!), as I first visited Lincoln during restaurant week last  fall and have been a few times since.  On each visit I’ve been impressed with the menu, which is unique and changes seasonally, as well as with the exceptional service.   My first visit was on a very crowded weekday evening and I sat at a table in the bar; I was by myself.   The waiter was perfect – not too pushy and didn’t make me feel like I needed to rush to finish my meal.  His recommendations were spot and he even came by to chat occasionally; I suspect he was curious about the notes and photos I was taking!

The selection of wines by the glass is a bit limited, however the options they do have are excellent.  One of my favoriteIMG_0441s was the Beuhler, California Chardonnay.  There is an extensive choice of spirits and some very unique cocktail options, including infusions such as Bacon Bourbon and Serrano gin.

Back to the menu, which is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while.  Most ingredients are locally sourced and it includes unique combinations of ingredients.  This is definitely a good place to venture out of your comfort zone;  everything is small plates or tasting portions which provides the perfect opportunity to try several different things.  I found it very hard to decide on only a few things, which is why I’ve gone back on nearly every trip to DC.  Also, since the menu changes each eason I’m always excited to see what is new.  When they are on the menu, I would say the  seasonal mason jars are a must try.  I also loved the Maryland crab tots with Old Bay aioli. One the menu now is a Chef’s Seasonal Tasting; a great option if you want to have someone else decide for you!

For dessert it was Corn DonughtIMG_0443s with sweet summer panna cotta and chilled blueberry compote.  YUM!!

This is a very hip space and you must be sure to check out the floor, which is made from pennies.  I’ve read some complaints that it is noisy, which is true, however it is a great bar scene and the noise is worth it when you consider the excellent food!





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