Black Dog Gelato

This is one of those unique neighborhood spots that you walk by a dozen times until one day you just decide you really should go in and see what it is all about.  When the weather is warm, there are always people outside, enjoying their gelato.  I have always liked gelato, more than I like ice cream in fact, however Black Dog Gelato brings a whole new meaning to the word!  The focus is on really unusual flavors such as Goat Cheese Carmel Cashew and Lemon Ginger.

On my visit I picked up a pint of half Chocolate and half Lemon Ginger.  While the Lemon Ginger might be a little much on it’s own, mixed with the Chocolate it was really spectacular!  A pint is $8, which on the high side compared to grocery store brands, is well worth the money.

What I recently learned is that they actually have two locations – one on Belmont and Damen and the other on Damen, just north of Chicago Avenue.  I’d definitely recommend stopping by on a nice warm summer afternoon or evening for a great treat!


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